Sonar Media Inc. is a forward-thinking technology company that is changing the way people discover, share, and connect with music. Our flagship product, the Sonar app, is a mobile-only platform that builds on the streaming portals of Apple Music and (soon) Spotify to deliver a superior, one-of-its-kind music listening and sharing experience. With Sonar, users can create personalized social profiles to share what they're listening to directly with their friends and followers, and discover new music through the recommendations of like-minded music lovers.

Founded in 2021 by a group of music enthusiasts and industry veterans, Sonar Media Inc. is on a mission to democratize the music landscape and give listeners and artists alike the freedom to discover and share their passions without the constraints of automated editorial decisions or promotional hamster wheels. Our team is dedicated to constantly innovating and improving the Sonar app, and we believe that music has the power to bring people together and inspire them to share their voices with the world.

Music has a voice.

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