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The Sonar Mission

Mission & Vision

Aug 1 2022 (2 years ago)

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Sonar Media Inc.

Music is the most communal connection humans have ever had, and it has never been more prevalent or bountiful. But with 85,000 new songs released each week, it can be virtually impossible to discover new music and connect with other like-minded music lovers online. That's where Sonar comes in. We believe in a fully democratized music landscape, where artists are free to make the unique art they want to make and where listeners can discover, share, and connect with each other around their shared love of music, no matter their preferred digital service provider. Join us and share your voice in the world of Sonar.

We live in a world of creators and consumers who have been force-fed everything but desire to make their minds up on what is good or bad, right or wrong. These same people also live in a fast-moving world with little to no attention span.

We ask, “What is the most communal connection humans have ever had?” My response would be “Music.” Since the dawn of time, the biggest communal gatherings have been based around music, musical events, and the cultural traditions of man.

With that said, music has never been more prevalent and bountiful. Recorded, live, or in visual media, music is incredibly alive and the driver of many forms of assemblages.

But how do we find this great music and those who treasure it without pulling our hair out? Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer? No! “They” only expose you to what “they” (and their biased algorithms) want you to know about by editorial barricades or what was monetized by the major labels’ promotional hamster wheel. 

From the consumer perspective, discovering online music and people who love the same music is virtually impossible nowadays when 85,000 new songs are released each week! Imagine a world where a music-driven society comes together free of automated editorial conclusions. A place where people with like-minded adoration for music can meet other like-minded people, share, create, promote, inspire and interconnect throughout the world around music, no matter their preference of digital service provider (DSP). Picture this world fully democratized, ripe for discovery, in one place. 

Sonar will revise the music landscape again, where artists are encouraged to make more of the unique art they want to make instead of making art to please the gatekeepers, allowing you to discover it, share it, and give you back your voice. 

Welcome to the world of Sonar.

Music has a voice.
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